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Thank you for the hard work

Great work by Club Members


On Saturday last a total of 37 volunteers attended the club clean-up day. Tasks assigned by the organising committee included

-Paint perimeter fence on main pitch

-Replace Top fence at clubhouse completely

-Repair clubhouse roof leak

-Wash of exterior of clubhouse

-Strimming of edges of fields

-Hedge cutting of all perimeter ditches

-Clean of all interiors of clubhouse and windows

-Cleaning of toilets

-Cleaning of Kitchen

-Cleaning of bar

-Repairs to walls and ceilings

-Cleaning of office

-Washing of storage container

-Sanding and varnishing dance floor

-Upgrades to PA and TVíS


While not all on the "to doĒ list was complete ongoing works will ensure the club is getting back to a good state.

All of the above would not be possible without the support of members giving their time but also materials, plant and equipment which they supplied on the day. Food sponsored also by members .A big thank you to one and all as a day like this is not possible without members support both through work and providing materials etc.

A note of thanks to the organising committee of Niall Dempsey, Killian Grant and Nicky Murphy who put in great work to ensure a everything went off perfectly.

An enjoyable day had by all was completed by a BBQ and some refreshments in the evening. We look forward to seeing more members at the next day later in the future.