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Volunteers wanted

As we near the end of another rugby season your committee would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped organise the running of the club at Mini’s, Youth and Adult levels.

During the season the work load of your committee has been eased by the efforts of some new volunteers namely, Shirley Moore – Child Protection, Mary O’Dwyer – Newsletter & Website Editor and Ann Costello – Ticket Officer.

The Committee is looking ahead and planning how to best improve the running of the club next season. We have identified some key areas where committee members were double jobbing this season and need a helping hand next season. Most of the following jobs do not need any specific rugby experience and it is the policy of the club to ask volunteers to concentrate on one function only.


Club Secretary

The Secretary manages, processes and maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and club documents.

Media Officer

To raise the profile of the club in the community through information, publicity and promotion.

Social Co-ordinator

This position is responsible for creating and implementing a cost effective social programme for the club, its players, members and supporters in order to enhance relationships.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Responsible for the retention, training,organisation, recruitment and welfare of a sufficient number of volunteers for the club to operate effectively on a weekly and on-going basis.

If you think that you can contribute a couple of hours per week during the season in a role that you are comfortable with and would like more information, please contact Willy O’Brien, Membership Sec on 087 2258883 or any committee member